Innovative Security Solution for Hotels & Resorts

CISA eGO contactless lock

The optimal electronic solution at convenience

CISA eGO is the latest addition to our range of security solutions.
CISA eGO is the optimal solution for chains and bed and breakfast that want to have
innovative electronic solutions and convenience.



Contactless technology

Users open the door intuitively, by simply holding the card up to the reader.                                                                                              


Battery powered

CISA eGO is powered by standard, off-the-shelf batteries which guarantee long life and ensure the lock remains fully functional.                                         


Non-invasive installation

CISA eGO requires no wiring, making it easy to install and to upgrade existing systems.


Do not disturb

CISA eGO has a mechanical privacy function activated by a knob on the internal plate.                   

Mechanical override

CISA eGO is fitted with a mechanical emergency opening. This ensures prompt, non-invasive emergency access to the room.


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   Download CISA eGO technical sheet