Innovative Security Solution for Hotels & Resorts

CISA eSIGNO hotel safe


Hotel safes, made in Italy

Laser cut - attack resistant.

Easy to use - the distinct keypad and display guide make it simple to understand.

Audit trail - traces the previous 300 events and stores them directly to an SD card. CISA also provides an online procedure which authenticates and verifies the integrity of the audit trail file.

Audit trail file check


Automatic interior LED lighting.

ADA-compliant keypad (Americans with Disabilities Act), to help blind guests.

Easy to place a 15” laptop inside thanks to the 90° door opening and cantilevered hinges which give maximum door clearance.

“Master code” staff opening, allows authorised staff to open the safe when guests forget the code.

Motorised lock with low power consumption (4000 open-close cycles), for automatic door opening.

Emergency mechanical override, the safe can be opened with a mechanical override key (C2000 or AP3 S). For maximum security, the key can only open and not re-lock the safe.