Innovative Security Solution for Hotels & Resorts

Wireless coordinator

The gateway is part  of the wireless infrastructure: the gateway is used to communicate with CISA eSIGNO wireless locks.

The CISA control unit controls the connection between the central station and the wireless locks, interfacing with the coordinator. Through the use of the repeater it is also possible to extend the signal range.

Should the central server PC malfunction, the control unit remains connected to the locks and all events are relayed to the server as soon as the connection is restored.


Gateway Technical data :

  • based on the open platform Zigbee;
  • each coordinator can control a maximum of 30 wireless locks;
  • the distance of the coordinator from the control unit: 25 m max.

Control Unit Features:

  • wireless locks for each control unit: 70 max;
  • power supply: PoE or 18-24 VAC/VDC;
  • Ethernet connection (CAT5 or higher).


Coordinator: connected to the wireless control unit, it acts as the interface between the wireless locks and the unit itself. Wireless channels are automatically re-tuned, ensuring communication is always of the highest quality even when there is continuous radio interference.