Innovative Security Solution for Hotels & Resorts

Cards and credentials

The CISA contactless card is a device which, when held up to the lock, opens the door. Cards can be designed with additional memory to store data for third party applications, offering complementary services such as building automation, vending…

Contactless cards are not the only device that can be used to carry user credentials: key rings, wristbands or special keys equipped with a mechanical profile and RFID devices in the bow (head) are all suitable. In all cases guests simply hold the card up to the reader to unlock the door, without having the inconvenience of having to insert or swipe it, an action which leads to wear and tear and inevitable maintenance costs.

Thanks to an encryption system based on standard algorithms (DES, AES), CISA security cards cannot be cloned or duplicated. 

The card is programmed by an encoder to grant access rights to the guest’s room and other areas.

Cards can be personalised upon request (e.g. with the hotel’s logo).