Innovative Security Solution for Hotels & Resorts


This device reads and programmes the security cards. It can be connected to a PC or used as a standalone unit, making the encoding system even more resistant to computer viruses. The encoder is portable and, therefore, a highly versatile device, When paired with NFC mouse it can communicate with CISA eSIGNO locks to programme them and access information such as the audit trail and battery status. Several encoders can be used in the same hotel to ensure reception runs as smoothly as possible.


Main features and benefits: 

  • the system can be standalone and/or connected to the Ethernet network: it can work in client/server mode depending on its configuration;
  • interface can be standalone and/or connected to dedicated PCs (using the Smart Software application);
  • is virus free if used without a computer;
  • quick check-in: specially designed interface which allows reception staff to issue cards in just a couple of seconds, even when they are not interfaced with the PMS.