Innovative Security Solution for Hotels & Resorts

Mechanical locks

CISA’s mechanically operated locks are top of the range, undergoing stringent inspections and laboratory tests in order to guarantee the safety and privacy of guests.

The latchbolt and deadbolt can be unlocked at the same time by simply turning the handle from inside the room (patented panic exit system). The burglar-proof device also prevents the latchbolt from retracting should the lock be tampered with.

Throwing the deadbolt activates the “occupied” indicator on the outside plate, ensuring guest privacy.

Mechanical antipanic lock

The mechanical antipanic lock is the closing element controlled by the electronic unit. Using an automatic deadbolt gives hotel guests' greater security, protection and comfort compared to solutions with electric strike.

The DPR (Door Position Report) function provides important information about door status, in real-time when combined with CISA eSIGNO wireless locks. The locks are EN179 certified.

Mechanical override

This ensures prompt, non-invasive emergency access to the room, guaranteeing damage to the door or lock.

Master key systems

Upon request, CISA can design customised master key mechanical locking systems for guest rooms (entrance doors, bathrooms, communicating doors) and communal areas (offices, fitness centres, bars, restaurants,...).

In these systems access is managed mechanically according to a specific hierarchy, allowing, for example:

  • the security or hotel manager to open all the doors with the emergency key, even if they are locked from the inside;
  • the housekeeping manager to open the doors on all floors if they are not locked from the inside;
  • the housekeeping staff to open the doors of a particular floor if they are not locked from the inside;
  • guests to open only the door to their room, if not locked from the inside by another authorised guest.