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CISA access control solutions make use of electronic control devices which communicate with a centralised supervisory/control system.

An access control solution which combines a local hardwired non-dedicated network and a wireless network. The wireless network is used to communicate with the locks (so doors do not need to be wired), while the hardwired network collects information and sends it to a central control point (the reception, for instance).

The wall-mounted readers can be hardwired to the network. 

Other offline locks can be integrated with the online locks linked to the central system if the doors they are installed on do not need the greater control offered by the hardwired or wireless connection.


The system consists of: 

When the above parts are connected, access can be controlled using:



  • lower costs: no need to run wires to doors, the existing local Ethernet network can be used;
  • efficiency: the system can be controlled from a centralised point, staff no longer have to physically go to the guest’s room;
  • maximum security: cards can be deleted in real time, door status controlled and immediate access granted to the access log;
  • greater control: the main working parameters of the locks are available on the control console;
  • simplified management: cards can be modified remotely, updating guest credentials, change of room, etc.;
  • locks are battery powered (standard, off-the-shelf model) so no wiring is required and the lock is fully functional even in the event of a power failure;
  • staff and their movements can be monitored.