Innovative Security Solution for Hotels & Resorts

Contactless locks

CISA contactless locks for hotels and other communities combine an innovative design with advanced security features. CISA solutions are modular and can be configured to meet the individual mechanical and aesthetical needs of customers (finishes, types of door handles,…) ensuring they blend in with the exclusive style of every location. 

Contactless technology allows guests to unlock their doors by simply holding the card up to the reader, a very quick and user-friendly option. Since there is no contract between the card and the lock, there is no wear and tear to parts so maintenance costs are minimal for hotel management. 

CISA uses the handle placed in the neutral position which, compared to fixed handle solutions, reduces the risk of damage due to improper use.

The lock is powered by standard off-the-shelf batteries: no wiring is required and the lock is fully functional even in the event of a power failure. The lock is also fitted with a “do not disturb” LED signal, telling staff whether guests are in their rooms.  

Main features of CISA contactless locks:

  • IP 55 protection rating (for external applications);
  • compatibility with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology;
  • energy consumption of batteries is low thanks to sleep mode;
  • access details recorded in log even when the door is opened mechanically (from the inside or using a key).

The lock can be configured with an emergency mechanical override cylinder that ensures instant and non-invasive access to the room when necessary. The emergency mechanical override cylinder can be included in master key systems.

The lock works both offline and online with a wireless network.

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