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CISA eSIGNO: the story behind the name



The story behind the name

CISA eSIGNO is the name chosen for the new product range launched by CISA intended for the hospitality business. A name which has been chosen after several proposal, sharing and discussions. A name which was meant to represent all the features gathered in such products.
First of all these new generation products represent a breaking point with the past, that is why it was necessary to choose a brand new name. Italian design, local manufacturing, quality products, electronic solution (“e” stands for electronic): these few important features we wanted to highlight. We decided to go for a Latin etymology word: SIGNO coming from signum-something that marks or identifies or represents. SIGNO recalling words as signature, sign, a sign of design. It is easily understandable in many languages and gives continuity to other group companies' product as eVAYO from Interflex.




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