Innovative Security Solution for Hotels & Resorts


CISA has worked with more than 4500 establishments in the hospitality business, in more than 100 countries, ranging from large chains to small hotels, to heighten their level of security and their reputation.
Following some of the recent projects:


B&B Hotels

CISA eSIGNO is a winner for the B&B Hotels chain


The B&B Hotels chain was initially launched in France in 1989, with the aim to offer quality hotels at inexpensive, transparent prices.

The hotel locations are carefully chosen to ensure maximum convenience and practicality for




Grand Hotel Verona

CISA eSIGNO is a hit with the hotel manager

The Grand Hotel Verona is an institution in the town. Just a short walk from Piazza

Bra and the Roman Arena, it welcomes tourists visiting the region’s capital and

businessmen from all over the world, drawn by important events such as





Gardaland Resort

Gardaland Resort, Castelnuovo del Garda. Rooms with CISA contacless lock: 270

Watch the video of the Gardaland resort (Verona, Italia) where the CISA solution can be seen in the first shot