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Cookies are small text files that the server sends to your computer. They can be stored on your computer and used to enhance and personalize your experience but also to provide relevant information during future visits.
More specifically the present site uses third party cookies (Google Analytics) and session management to improve the browsing experience.

Type of cookie

The cookies used can be divided into four main areas described below.

Cookie navigation

This type allows you to operate properly the platform on which is based the site and its functionality. Cookies also enable to create, where necessary, an account and login. These cookies are needed for the correct operation of the site.

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This type of cookie is used by web traffic analysis tools, such as Google Analytics. Help you analyze how the users to understand the use of the site. The navigation data are collected anonymously.

Social Network Cookie for sharing and follow buttons

It are needed to run the widget's social network Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube. Until it is expressed consent will not be delivered.

Deleting cookie

The Internet browser usually accept cookies automatically, however you can always disable this feature and remove cookies at any time via your browser settings.

The methods differ by type and version of browser, therefore recommend that you refer to the manual or the help screen of your specific program.

To opt-out of Google Analytics you can use this tool

To opt-out from social widget you can find all information here

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