Innovative Security Solution for Hotels & Resorts

About Us

Innovation, security, design and service have always been the cornerstones of the CISA brand and its solutions for hotels and other communities.

Established in 1926, CISA was the first company to patent and manufacture electric locks and one of the pioneers of smart card technology in the ‘90s, developed to ensure cloned cards are denied access and to offer an alternative to the increasingly outdated magnetic technology.

Innovation continued into the new century with the launch of the contactless lock: a modular solution which combines advanced security features with a non-invasive design, blending in with every hotel’s individual style.

CISA contactless locks can also be wireless, providing complete control over security from a central point, thanks to the potential of online communication.

Research is ongoing: CISA’s mission is to combine the most advanced technologies with maximum user-friendliness. With this in mind, in the past few years CISA has widened its contactless range to include the electronic cylinder, which can be installed quickly on any opening, bringing electronic access control to all doors: the back office, communal areas, offices etc.

Today the future of CISA lies with the new contactless lock with its compact, innovative design and built-in reader which meets the latest needs of the hospitality industry.

As well as the trademark quality and reliability of its products, CISA offers first-class services, monitoring every aspect of its systems, from sales to installation and aftersales, with personalised service packages.

Thanks to its experience in the sector, CISA is the ideal partner for hotel managers, security managers, architects and designers, as it delivers complete and efficient solutions which suit the customer’s specific needs: from the most prestigious hotel chains to family-run businesses and other communities (universities, schools, hospitals, public buildings, industries, business centres, airports and stations).


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